How Companies are Saving Money & resources by using Our ICMS Solution

We believe errors are for humans, not for bots.

Inventory management can be complicated and has issues such as:

Inconsistent Tracking and inaccurate data, Limited Accessibility, Supply Chain Complexity, poor production planning and overstocking. Human intervention could make it more complicated. This is why Verveicms Services are something that can assist you in this regard.

We are providing you an automatic working ICMS with no human intervention. It undergoes no loss inventory update as it directly updates the company’s invoices by scanning them.

Through the help of our advanced system, we automatically carry out data from the invoice and based on the user preference the margin is updated directly in POS with one click of a button.

The mobile application is available as well to scan invoices and instantly update them in the system.

On the market, ICMS is new, and no other company can offer a solution similar to this.

And this isn’t it! There are many more factors that will help you choose us, and Verveicms are:

  • Verveicms is helpful for all kinds of stores.
  • We provide technical support 24×7
  • Regular Checkups
  • All-time consultancy available
  • NDA(Non-Disclosure agreement)
  • System Maintenance Service

Success Stories

Our success stories are what we are very proud of. We’ve helped our satisfied customers throughout the process of completing their inventory issues.

Maharaja Farmers & Big Bazar

Grocery stores carry a variety of goods and services.

And Utilizing manual inventory tracking processes in spreadsheets and different programs is tedious, inefficient and prone to mistakes. Plus, inventory management using paperwork and manual processes is lengthy and insecure. And there was a need to have methods to prevent losses and control inventory.

The goal is to make the management system as easy and less complicated as possible. In fact, executing such an undertaking with human assistance is extremely difficult.

And that’s what the clients here wanted a system to manage all the inventories in easy steps.

In return, we delivered Verveicms to manage all the inventories and update them in POS with one scan and click with their preferred margins. The system is totally automatic and requires no human intervention to face any bugs. This isn’t it; we provided them with a support team helping them out 24×7 in case they face any issues. Through the help of this system, no data loss occurs.


The management of inventory can be a difficult job. How you manage inventory, and the results affect all aspects of your business. But the verve-icms solve all the issues.