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Verve-ICMS(Our Crown)

Unique approach to the biggest challenges faced by every company dealing in inventory management of their stocks

Current Approach

Hirinng in bulk to do manual data entry.
Leaving the inventory unregulated.

Problem with Current Approach

Hefty Salaries just to do data entry
Huge losses due to wastage (Expired/Rotten Products) Human Errors

Our Unique Approach

Provide A based software to manage inventory.
Reducing the cost by more than 90%

ICMS Scope:

Every Business which deals in physical products. Grocery Chains, Warehouses, Liquor stores, Apparels Store, Nutrition Stores, Factories etc.

Just one! Only one.

Our Survey shows that old school approach is still being used in this technology driven era which Verve ICMS commits to change.

Our Solution is the only solution currently in the market to achieve high level of optimisation in the field of inventory management.

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