Benefits of our ICMS Solution

Verveicms believe errors are for humans, not for bots.

If ICMS is done manually, the billing process can take up lots of time and cost. Additionally, humans tend to make mistakes, and even a tiny error on your invoice could result in a huge loss.

Invoices are essential for business. In simple terms, it’s an official document for commercial transactions that lists the deal between buyers and sellers.

Invoices are usually written on paper, with multiple copies created to ensure that both the buyer and sellers have copies of the transaction to keep for their documentation.

At vervebot, with our ICMS, we allow you to update the product details like inventory, price, etc., by uploading the invoice with the help of AI(Artificial Intelligence).

And why will someone opt for bots over a human for no big reason? So here step in the most eligible reason, that is money saving. This ICMS

is cost-saving, and what is more, it also provides Greater visibility, control, Prevention of errors, no loss of data, and avoidance of paper clutter.

Inventory management is just a 3 step path with invoice:

Scan > Upload > Updated

We know Inventory management can be complicated and has issues such as Inconsistent Tracking and inaccurate data, Limited Accessibility, Supply Chain Complexity, poor production planning, and overstocking.

On the market, ICMS is new, and no other company can offer a similar solution.

And this isn’t it! There are many more factors that will help you choose us, and Verveicms are:

  • Verveicms is helpful for all kinds of stores.
  • We provide technical support 24×7
  • Regular Checkups
  • All-time consultancy available
  • NDA(Non-Disclosure agreement)
  • System Maintenance Service

Our clients that use our software are Maharaja Farmer And Big Bazar USA.

Conclusion: Less manual work= Money savings is our criteria. And Verveicms can be the best software to help you out in this.